House Maintenance1

Home Maintenance Checklist


Out of other things we find hard to maintain, our homes also make it on the list of the challenging things to manage. No matter how many time we clean our homes, things seem to get messy, and you need to clean up, the entire area again. This process goes on and on forever.

House Maintenance1

With the busy schedule, we hardly find time to maintain our homes, most of the days our homes lie dirty and messy. Sometimes we hire someone to get our homes cleaned up. But each time it gets dirty we can’t be hiring someone to get our messes cleaned out.

In this post you will be reading about some of the Maintenance checklists you can follow during each season:

  • Spring.
  • Summer.
  • Fall.
  • Winter.


During the spring season the things you need to take care are:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning: Call your technician to check for any damages in the air conditioners compressor. Clean up the bathroom vents and other heating systems.
  • Plumbing: check for any weak pipes and replace them and look under the sinks if there are any faulty pipes and replace them.
  • Chimney: The chimney is something which should be cleaned and maintained always.


Summer time is the time when you can get out and have fun but also make sure to do some chores to keep your home clean.

  • Garden: Summer is the best time to set your garden and plant new saplings. Pluck out all the weeds in the backyard.
  • Sprinklers: Once you have planted new plants, the next thing you need to set up are the sprinklers. Prefer drip irrigation as it is the most efficient method of irrigation and prevents water loss and clogging.
  • Pool: Clean up your pool by removing all the leaves which have fallen into the pool. Try to scrub the sides of the pool quite often as algae formation might be controlled.


This is the season where you need to prepare your house for winter.

  • Garden: The leaves from your trees might be falling off, and you must clean up all the leaves from your garden.
  • Sprinklers: Make sure to turn off your sprinkler systems and keep them away if you happen to live in a cold country.
  • Boilers and radiators: As winter is coming make sure that your boilers and heaters are in working conditions.
  • Inside Projects: You can consider changing your paints or mending your bathrooms. The climate is moderate, and you can try these inside projects.


Winter is the time we like to stay at home with friends and family.

  • Heating systems: Check the filter system is it is working properly and the water level in the boiler.
  • Frozen Pipes: Many pipes can get cold and frozen. Check for such pipes and change those tubes. Make sure that the thermostat gets set to the required temperature.
  • Generator: It can be very hard during winter seasons if you do not have the power supply to the Heating systems. So make sure your heating system is in a proper condition.