house where suicide was committed

Can we Buy a House Where Suicide was Committed?


There may be various cases which you face while you purchase a home. Some may face a troublesome agent or seller, some may have trouble with the pricing of the property, and some may face fraudster agents who sell vacant homes. There might also be cases where there might be some legal issues with the house, and that property has been sealed. You must make sure of the cases where you do not get tricked into buying such property.


Say for example you come across a situation where the house or the property you are buying happens to have a legal case where the person who was residing in that house had committed suicide. Will you agree to purchase the goods or not?

The following are the reasons why you need to buy a house where suicide was committed.

  • Low prices.
  • No legal issues.
  • Believing in ghosts.

Cheap Prices:

Since everyone has a freaky feeling to step into a place where someone had committed suicide most of the clients will probably not buy the property. When many consumers do not purchase the property because of the death, then the value of the ownership will decrease; This is a perfect opportunity for people who want to buy properties at a lower price. The house or the property might be of a very high value but since no one is willing to purchase the home the prices may go down, and you can make so much profit out of it.

Even if you do not feel like staying in the house, you can dismantle the parts of the house and sell it to other clients. The other thing is that after buying that property, you can trick someone into buying that property.

No legal issues?

You must be sure that the property you are buying has no criminal cases in it. So that in the future you don’t face any problems with the property. Also, do not be tricked into buying a house which has a legal issue, you might have bought the house thinking that it is evidence of all legal matters but end up facing many problems many challenges after you purchase the property.

If you do not believe in ghosts:

If you are a person, who does not believe in ghosts and all the haunting stories you can buy that property at a lower price. You can have the joy of having the to get the property at a lower price but at some times your neighbors might keep talking about the suicide at your home, and that might disturb you. Even if those talks do not bother you, sometimes you might have thoughts when you walk into a particular room, you might have a weird feeling that someone is there or the idea of someone being dead there previously can affect you.

In the end, it all depends on how you perceive things and how you want to live your Life. If you feel that there is no harm in staying at a house where there has been a suicide, then you can very well stay at the house.